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Instructions for Creating and Editing Images in the Chat-Bot

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Creating Images

Hello, here we’ll briefly tell how to create and edit images for the chat-bot @RussiaChatGPTBot

To create an image by description, send a message to the bot “/image description” or “draw description”. Example: “draw a wedding between a cat and a dog”. This works in both English and Russian.

After sending the description, you can select the model and the quantity of photos. We will look at the advanced model, Journey.

Selecting a model Choosing a model

Once the model you chose starts loading, after a while you will receive 4 ready-made images with buttons.

Images according to the description Images according to the description

By pressing 🔄 - the bot will send another 4 photos for the same request.

By pressing button V1, V2, V3 or V4 - 4 similar images will be created depending on the selected number: 1 is the first photo on the left, 2 is the one on the top right, 3 in the right center, and 4 on the bottom right.

Results of pressing V1 Results of pressing V1

By pressing button U1, U2, U3 or U4 the bot will send a specific image and additional actions.

Results of pressing U1 Results of pressing U1

Here you can get new similar images by pressing “Alter greatly 🪄” or “Slightly Alter 🪄“. You can also expand the image on all sides by pressing on “Zoom out 🔍” or on one specific side by pressing on “⬆️⬇️⬅️➡️”.

Results of pressing Zoom out 🔍 Results of pressing Zoom out 🔍

Editing Images

You can edit or create similar images using your existing photos or graphics.

To do this, simply send an image with a description to the bot and press “Edit 🪄“.

Sending an image with a description Sending an image with a description

To work with Journey, press "Edit 🪄" To work with Journey, press "Edit 🪄"

Result of the request - Neznayka in anime style Result of the request - Neznayka in anime style

In the future, you can also edit and improve the received images using buttons.


The bot works best with simple, short sentences that describe what you want to see. Avoid long lists of requests.

Incorrect: “Show me a picture of a lot of blooming poppies, make them bright, saturated oranges, and draw them in an illustrated style with colored pencils”

Correct: “Bright orange poppies, drawn with colored pencils”

Better to describe what you want, not what you don’t want. If you ask for a party “without a cake”, your picture will likely include a cupcake. If you want to make sure an object is not present in the final image, try an advanced hint using the —no parameter.

Incorrect: “A party without a cake”

Correct: “Party —no cake”

If you have a link to an image, you can also add this link to the description.


“/image link to picture “anime style”

You can also combine several images by sending two links at once.


Image creation is available via subscription.

You can purchase a subscription by sending the command “/subscribe” without quotes to the bot.

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